Welcome to Upvoto!

Upvoto is a link aggregation and discussion website that respects your freedoms of speech. Here are some unique features of this small corner of the Internet:

  • The website doesn't have any advertising or analytics code or trackers (only the reCAPTCHA service initially to protect against SPAM).
  • Upvoto doesn't give any special priority to any particular communities, groups or individuals.
  • You can create your community immediately after registration. No building of reputation is necessary.

Here's a brief introduction to using the website with a registered account.

Your message indicator, a link to your profile settings, and some basic functions are in the top right. Open the expando (double bar icon) if you are on mobile.

  • Toggles Day/Night mode
  • Takes you to your message center where you can see replies and PMs
  • The envelope will have a number badge if you have a new message

This site is composed of boxes. You are by default subscribed to no boxes. The front page of Upvoto can feature any box's posts. You can subscribe or block a box from your feed from either the boxes page or the sidebar of the box. Your subscriptions are accessible from the "My" link in the top bar. Each box has its own theme, rules, moderators, and custom settings:

  • Extra CSS to change the colors and look of the box.
  • Sidebar information with links to other sites that may not be affiliated with this site.
  • Choose the default sort of your box when a user goes to it (New/Hot/Top).
  • A video player mode that can play the all the youtube posts that have been posted (experimental).

Your user profile has additional viewing options that can be set

  • Open external links in a new window.
  • Disable custom box styles: Disables custom CSS styles on boxes.
  • Show NSFW content: Shows posts that may contain nudity or extreme content.

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